LabelCalc’s Frequently Asked Questions

We love our software, and hope you do, too—but we understand you may have a few questions before diving in. Below we’ve compiled the most common questions we get from food manufacturers about how our product works and how we can work together.

What information do I need to start using LabelCalc?

We’ve designed our online software to be incredibly simple to use. These are the components of a recipe that you will need:

  • The ingredients that make up your product, including quantity and unit of measurement
  • The final weight of your product (after it’s been cooked)
  • The serving size of your product—but don’t worry if you don’t know this offhand. Our CFR guide tool helps you determine the serving size for each recipe you input.
Is LabelCalc’s nutritional information government approved?

While the USDA and FDA do not endorse any individual lab, consultant, or provider of nutrition analysis, we are proud to utilize compliant methods that have been approved for use in the food manufacturing industry.

We work directly with the latest USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, which provides the 18,000 ingredients we use for analysis. The USDA’s Nutrient Data Laboratory provides the foundation for most nutrition databases in the United States and is integral to national food policy, research, and nutrition monitoring.

Database nutritional analysis is approved by the FDA and has been touted as being even more accurate than chemical testing. LabelCalc only generates FDA-compliant label formats, so you don’t have to worry about styling the labels for your packaging.

Does LabelCalc print my packaging labels?

LabelCalc was designed to give you automatic nutrition facts panels, with no waiting time for printing or back-and-forth communication. Our software generates your nutrition facts panels as high resolution bmp files (300 dpi) which are easily resized and exported to your packaging for printing with your established system.

Should I use a lab to get my food samples tested?

Our database contains over 18,000 USDA-compiled lab tested ingredients that combine to create your recipes. Because this method is so accurate, the FDA has approved database nutritional analysis for determining your nutrition facts. We only recommend using a lab if your ingredients change in chemical structure during processing (i.e. fermentation during brewing, or deamination in cheese making).

I need help using LabelCalc. What do I do?

If you get stuck during the recipe process, look for the help buttons built into our platform that guide you through every step. Or, take advantage of our live chat platform to speak with one of our staff directly. Users who sign up for our unlimited web plan will receive a personal training session with one of our Registered Dietitians who will explain the process to you and answer any questions you have. If you’re still not sure what to do, you can always view our video demos or reach out to us directly.

Can I add my own ingredients to the LabelCalc database?

Adding your own ingredients to your recipes in LabelCalc is as simple as entering in the information from a nutrition label. We might not have your supplier’s special sauce already within the database, but you can add it yourself in seconds for use in any of your recipes.

Will my top-secret recipes be secure?

Absolutely. Like online banking, account security is our top priority. Each ingredient is encrypted with an indecipherable code that is inaccessible to our team and outside personnel. Our confidentiality agreement states that we will not share your recipe information with anyone without your explicit consent. If you choose to use LabelCalc’s Personalized Consulting service, you can rest assured that only our confidentiality-bound analysis specialists will have access to your recipes.

What hardware do you recommend using with LabelCalc?

As an online application, LabelCalc is designed to be both PC and Mac compatible. Our software can be used with all major browsers, but we recommend the use of Google’s Chrome browser where possible.

Does LabelCalc provide package/labeling review services?

Yes!  Outlined on our Consulting Services page, seen here, we do offer a variety of package review services.  Typically these package review services cost between $120-$180 per product depending on the complexity of packaging.  Please contact us to learn more.

We hope that these answers have proven useful. If you have other questions about LabelCalc or how we can partner together to create compliant nutrition facts panels, contact us directly. We look forward to speaking with you.

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